News / Agenda

3rd of August 2022  -  At the  international Conference "Environmental Justice", 21 -25 of  August, at the Lassalle-House above Zug, the Future Council Foundation can present its project "Long term future shaping Switzerland" and report about the integration of Edudation for sustainable development into the curricula, the teachers' formation and into whole schools in Switzerland. 

3rd of August 2022  -  In September 2023, the UN, following a proposual of Secretary General Guterres, will realise a  UN-Future-Summit  at the highest political level - it will be something like a world future council, for one week, at least!

3rd of August 2022  -  For its project "Long term future shaping Switzerland", the Future council foundation has by now about ten contacts to persons and institutions (Universities, administration, NGO) that are interested to participate at the project. As a next step, there will be a meeting with the persons in charge at the Swiss Academies to discuss ways how to advance and organisze the project.

2nd of August 2022  -  From August 7th to 13th, the Future Council Foundation transfers its office to the monastery of Ilanz, for the time of the Summer of Ilanz. During this week, a forum about challenges of peace and about a culture of peace is hold.  While elaborating its project on early  recognition of conflicts, the foundation will discuss it with the participants. Taking that project as an example, the foundation wants to make comprehensible to the public what long term future shaping is and what an impact it may have on the shape of our society and for future generations.  

28th of January 2022  -   January: The Future Council Foundation starts its project "Long term analysis of the state of  society and long term future shaping for Switzerland"

28th of January 2022  -   23rd December 2021, Berne: Robert Unteregger, responsible of the Future Council Foundation, meets Marcel Tanner, president of  Swiss Academies A+. They discuss possibilities to advance cooperation and coordination between sciences and politics for prevention and in case of crisis.  Besides the president agreed that Swiss Academies is patronage to the project "Pioneer grammar schools in ESD (Education for Sustainable Development)".  The Foundation realizes that project in collaboration with the Institute for secondary education of the Padagogical University of Berne.  

28th of January 2022  -  5th of November 2021, Berne: The Future Council Foundation realizes a small conference on the institutional enhancement of long term future shaping in Switzerland. As a first result, on the 16th of December, MP Nadine Masshardt submits > the Interpellation "Long term future shaping and check of the consequences for future generations" . By now, the Federal Chancellery is in charge of it and prepares the answer.  

28th of January 2022  -  October 21: The Future Council Foundation presents a larger study: Covid 19 - How measures taken and experiences could be used to better achieve the UN Agenda 2030.  At the end of the study, several concrete propsitions are presented. 

28th of January 2022  -  Lassalle-Institute above Zug, 29th  August - 2nd September: At the international conference "Environmental Justice - Building back better after Corona", the responsible ot the Future Council Foundation, Robert Unteregger, could contribute a > key note about the state of sustainable development in Switzerland and how experiences of Corona-time could be used to better achieve the SDGs until 2030 (UN-Agenda 2030).  

7th of June 2021   -  The Services of the Belgium Parlament have realized a research on the function of second chambers in several governments. They asked the Future Council Foundation for a contribution, too. The Foundation proposed the introduction of future councils rather in addition to first and second chambers, than instead of the second chamber.