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April 2020   -   A proposition for a federal future council: The Future Council Foundation has prepared a concept for a federal future council and is discussing it with interested MPs. After the election from autumn 2019, the composition of the two chambers are as favorable as never before for establishing a future council within the political system of Switzerland. 

 April 2020   -    By law, the Swiss chancellor is obliged to produce a long term analysis of the general situation of the country. In autumn 2018, the chancellery has produced a first booklet "Switzerland 2030", with 77 short contributions from many different authors, challenged by the question: Looking back from 2030: what are you most occupied about that we didn't tackle today, in 2018? The booklet allows a lively impression of many subjects that trouble us today, but it is not a methodical report. The Swiss Future Foundation has proposed a methodological procedure to procure a well based study with several levels of reflection and information, ending up in a bunch of concrete propositions to shape our long term future. Given the complexity of our society and the racing rhythm it develops, the dimension and possibilities of action are immense.