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The Future Council Foundation is a small foundation. It was founded in 1997 by more than 200 people, mostly private. It is aknowledged as a non profit foundation by the Swiss Federation. 

The members ot the foundation's council:
Karin Baumgartner, forest engineer ETHZ

Simon Greuter, jurist, projects 

Andri Heimann, step into action 

Peter Zeller, physicien and TWIKE pioneer

Since the beginning, the Office is directed by Robert Unteregger.  The office is situated at the Future Building Site at Cudrefin,  Chemin du Moulin Nr. 6.

During the last 25 years, a remarkable international network has come into being. 

Members of the advisory council:

Bernhard Aufdereggen,  President of the doctors for the environment 

Niklaus Brantschen SJ, Founder and former director of the Lassalle Institute upon Zug 

Marie-Claire Graf, "I’m a Swiss based youth advocate, global change maker and speaker for just sustainable development and ambitious climate action."

Reto Knutti, Prof., ETH, Departement of environment systems sciences, Center for Climate Systems Modeling

Jean Martin, former cantonal doctor of the canton of Waadt, former member of the Swiss national ethic commission 

Eva Schmassmann, coordinator of the NGO-Plattform Agenda 2030

Matthias Stürmer, director of the Institute Public Sector Transformation of the Technical High School of Berne, former director of the Research Office for digital sustainablity of the University of Berne 

Peter Zeller, physicien ETH, TWIKE pioneer

Beat Zemp, President of honor of the Swiss teacher's association